Crush’in It With This New Skincare Line

While working at my internship during an open house the other day I was fortunate enough to network with a healthy new all natural organic food and skin care company called Crush’d Garage. This up and coming company is run by two strong and inspiring women, Jodi and Alanna, whose goal with their amazing products is to CRUSH the marketplace in health, beauty and juicy goodness!

Screen Shot 2017-07-28 at 6.48.33 PM.png

After using their skin care routine for just a few days my skin already feels brighter and more hydrated! Each product is numbered in a multistep skincare program. The first in this program is a pearl cleansing cream for all skin types even sensitive skin! This exfoliating cleanser cream has a silky blend of rosewater and ginseng root extract that not only removes makeup but restores your pearl like complexion! The second step is a light and refreshing rose toning mist. This hydrating toner is all natural alcohol free spray that brightens skin to create a dewy look.


In the last portion of this organic routine you can combine step 3 and 4! Step 3 can be one of Crush’d Garage’s multiple serums to nourish skin! I chose the carrot rose serum which is a natural retinol beauty oil that gives your skin a gorgeous and all natural glow. Step 4, the last and my favorite step, is a hydrating truffle face cream. When I saw the word truffle I immediately was so excited to apply this cream because truffles are my absolute favorite! The white truffle extract’s vitamin B brightens while fighting off fine lines. This rich face cream has collagen boosting omegas to renew skin for a youthful glow.

IMG_3016.JPGAfter practicing this routine I am a true believer in all natural skin care products! My dry to normal skin is already visibly brighter and more hydrated after just a few short days. Another great facet to this organic skincare and wellness company is they have products for all skin types to fit your skin’s needs, which are available to order at their locations and over the phone. I cannot wait to collaborate with Crush’d Garage again now that I share this passion for promoting kindness, goodness and wellness in our community!


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