The Best Day of the Week: GAMEDAY

IMG_5136.JPGIts been a bit crazy here in Columbia the past few weeks with everything from my 21st birthday to starting the hunt for a real world job, but now that I’m back in the swing of things I figured what better topic to write about than the best day of the week…. GAMEDAY!! I’m sad to say this is my last football season at Carolina but I’m excited to talk about the perfect look for your game day whether you are spending it in the SEC or across the country in your college town.

10 (1).jpg            I decided this football season I wanted go out of my comfort zone by doing more colorful eyemakeup. For this look I used my new palette from makeup revolution the flawless 2 Ultra 32 eyeshadow palette. This affordable $15 palette comes with 32 shades that are not only pigmented but give you a wide variety of looks to create whether its day or night! Because the gameday outfits here at USC are mostly black I decided to do a warm red eyeshadow look to incorporate garnet.

IMG_5126.JPGThe top right corner colors on the palette (impeccable, sound, official, and expert), are what I blended into my crease and outer corner with my Laura Mercier dense eye crease brush to give off that burnt red smokey look. A trick that helps me with creating this look is the more pigmented you want the shadow to appear the denser your brush should be. I then applied the colors shine and excel with a wet flat Laura Mercier all over colour brush on the middle of my lid and inner corner to make the look pop! Once I had all the eyeshadow product on my eye I blended out all harsh edges with my Laura Mercier fluffy pony tail brush and lastly applied eyeliner and mascara.


The rest of my look is just my typical face makeup routine and I will link each of the products I use at the bottom so you can see if they will work for you too! If your football season is anything like mine filled with good drinks, dancing like crazy with your best girlfriends, and spirit this perfect look will just be the icing on the cake! Happy Gameday!!2.JPG

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